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The characteristics and classification of NSK magnetic bearing

Magnetic bearing is a new type of bearing. Specific data at present is not very detailed. Today, we introduce the classification and the characteristics of magnetic bearing NSK. Magnetic bearing is a bearing form by magnetic force bearing load or suspension of the rotor. This kind of bearing has developed very fast in recent years, especially in the high speed, low friction, high (low) temperature and its application in vacuum environment. Magnetic bearing has its unique superiority compared with other support forms, promising.
One, the characteristic and classification
Small, friction of 1 Characteristics: low power consumption, and can realize the super high speed operation. The support of high precision, stable operation, reliable. The operable at high temperature, the cryogenic and vacuum environment. The structure is complex, with harsh requirements, magnetic interference to the environment, but no other pollution.
2 according to the classification of magnetic bearing control mode, magnetic energy source, structure, classification. In addition, you can also press the field type is divided into permanent magnet, electromagnet and permanent magnet hybrid - electromagnet. Also according to the bearing suspension type is divided into suction type and repulsive force type. Superconducting magnetic bearings are divided into low temperature superconductor and superconducting two. Some special restrictions still exist between different types of above classification, special attention should be paid to. The permanent magnetic bearing only passive type (passive), while the passive type bearing is not possible in the
All were stable in 3 directions, there are at least 1 directions should adopt active type. DC excitation type bearing can only be active (active). The pure electromagnet type bearing is only 5 degrees of freedom control type bearing, its size, weight and power consumption is relatively high. The repulsive type magnetic bearing, due to the low utilization rate of magnetic suction type, structure is complex, rarely used.

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