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Cylindrical shaft

Full complement cylindrical roller bearing, common
1, single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings.
2, double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing
With cylindrical roller bearing two, less common
1, outside the sphere with cylindrical roller bearing
2, CARB toroidal roller bearings
A full cylindrical roller bearings use
With cylindrical roller bearing because no holder can accommodate up to the roller, the radial load so it is suitable for bearing heavy, in addition to the radial load, also can withstand a certain axial load. But it allows the operating speed is far lower than the cylindrical roller bearing cage with. Single row full complement cylindrical roller bearing is allowed between the inner and outer rings of the angle error of a few minutes of arc.
With cylindrical roller bearing is designed to withstand heavy loads. In the same width, the bearing and the bearing is compared with the traditional type, has the advantages of high load capacity, the radial section is small, can save a space, but the speed is relatively low. In order to make the normal working of bearing, in continuous operation, bearing must be subjected to a certain minimum load, namely C/P<25. Otherwise, due to lack of lubrication and high-speed operation aggravates wear. All multi row cylindrical roller bearings with a lubrication groove and lubrication holes in the outer ring.
Install and use the matters needing attention
1, bearing installation must be carried out in dry, clean environment conditions. Before installation should carefully check the shaft and the shell of the mating surface, convex shoulder end, grooves and connecting surface processing quality. All surfaces must be carefully cleaned with connection and remove the burrs, rough surface has to be casting the net sand.
2, bearing installation should be preceded with petrol or kerosene to clean, dry after use, and ensure good lubrication, bearing the general use of grease lubrication, oil lubrication can be applied. With grease lubrication, should be used without impurities, antioxidant, anti rust, extreme pressure grease such as superior performance. Grease filling in for the bearings and bearing box volume of 30%-60%, not too much. With grease has been filled with good sealing structure of double row tapered roller bearings and water pump bearings, users can directly use, no further cleaning.
3, bearing installation, must exert equal in the circumferential ferrule end face on pressure, will press into the ring, not directly strike the bearing end used to first-class tool, so as not to damage the bearing. Small amount of interference in the circumstances, can be at room temperature with the sleeve presses the bearing ring face, beating sleeve with a hammer, through the sleeve will be pressed into the ring balance. If large quantities installation, use of hydraulic machine. When pressing, should ensure the outer end face and shoulder shell surface, the end face of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder end face pressing, does not allow a gap.
4, when the amount of interference is large, can be installed using oil bath heating or inductor heating method of bearing, the heating temperature range of 80 DEG -100 DEG C, the highest can not exceed 120 DEG C. At the same time, the application of nuts or other fastening bearing appropriate methods, in order to prevent the bearing cooling and contraction of the width direction between the ring and a shaft shoulder produce clearance.
5, single row tapered roller bearing installation should be final clearance adjustment. The clearance values should be used according to different conditions and with the amount of interference to determine the size and specific. When necessary, should be tested to determine. Double row tapered roller bearings and water pump bearing factory has adjusted well clearance, no further adjustment during installation.
6, the bearing should be installed after the rotation test, the first for the rotary shaft or bearing box, without exception, then the power for no load, low speed operation, and then gradually increase as the functioning of the rotation speed and load, and to detect noise, vibration and temperature, abnormal, should stop the operation and inspection. The operation test normal before delivery.

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