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The selection of TIMKEN imported bearings parameter and matters need attention

The use of TIMKEN bearing grease must have antirust effect, anti rust agent preferably insoluble in water. Grease has good adhesion, and can form a layer of oil film on steel surface, oil will become soft in the mechanical machining, leak. During normal operation, the fat by TIMKEN knocking bearing bearing. If the mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, the process of operation, will make the oil soap structure produces mechanical disintegration, resulting in destruction of fat, resulting in loss of lubrication, if the wrong choice oil all TIMKEN bearing prevention measures in vain, choose a kind of grease, which the viscosity of the base oil is able to provide sufficient lubrication effect in the working temperature is very important, viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, it decreased with the increase of temperature, when the temperature drop is that it increased. Therefore, we must know the base oil viscosity at operating temperature. Machinery manufacturers are typically specified using a grease, however the scope of application of most of the standard grease is very wide.
In the process of using TIMKEN bearing, grease is the key. If the use of the deterioration of the lubricant, not only not play a role, but also damage to the TIMKEN bearing.
[a], the limitation of size. TIMKEN bearings can usually installation space is restricted. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing diameter) is based on the mechanical design or other design constraints. So TIMKEN bearing type and size are selected according to the inner diameter of the bearing and the decision of TIMKEN. Thus, the main dimension of TIMKEN bearing table according to the international scale diameter size preparation.
Dimension forms scale TIMKEN bearing numerous, in the design of mechanical device is best when using scale TIMKEN bearing (TIMKEN bearing whether this design to easily purchase, here as an aside, some TIMKEN bearing catalog model does, but some non-standard TIMKEN bearing in the mainland Chinese stock or not, sometimes futures will be long time, so in TIMKEN bearing selection must consider the time cost and a late replacement cost) TIMKEN bearing load, applied on the TIMKEN bearing load, the nature, size, direction is changeable. Typically, the basic load rating are displayed in the dimension table. Axial and radial loads and so on, are also important factors for the selection of TIMKEN bearing. Match when the ball and needle size of TIMKEN bearings, needle roller bearings typically have a higher load capacity and to bear the larger vibration and shock loads.
[two], speed, promised to speed depending on the type, size of TIMKEN bearings, precision, cage type, load, lubrication, and cooling method to determine factors. TIMKEN bearing table lists the accuracy of a scale of TIMKEN bearings in lubricating oil and grease lubrication of the promised speed. Usually, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high speed operation of the occasion.
[three], TIMKEN bearing tolerances, bearing size and rotation accuracy is the accuracy of TIMKEN based on ISO and JIS scale. For the requirement of high precision and high-speed operation of the machinery, recommend the use of TIMKEN bearings are precision of level 5 or above, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearing TIMKEN TIMKEN is used for the high operation precision machinery. Rigid, when the moving body and raceway contact surface pressure bearing, can generate elastic deformation. Some machines need to keep to a minimum the elastic deformation. Roller bearing ball bearing than TIMKEN TIMKEN the elastic deformation of small.
[four], and in some cases to exert preloading of TIMKEN bearings to increase rigidity. This procedure is usually used for TIMKEN deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearing inner ring and the outer ring of the bias, bent shaft, shaft or bearing box changes with TIMKEN tolerance, errors will cause the eccentricity of the inner and outer rings. To prevent the eccentricity through large, self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, or self-aligning bearing seat is the better choice. Voice frequency and torque to move TIMKEN bearings are based on high precision scales to produce, so noise and small torque. Deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller combined bearings for low voice, low torque occasions with special requirements.
[five], installation and disassembly, some applications often need to disassembly and installation, to ensure that can detect and repair according to its. The inner ring and the outer ring can be TIMKEN bearing are respectively installed such as cylindrical bearings, needle roller bearings, and tapered roller bearing is very applicable to the occasion. Self aligning ball bearings taper hole self-aligning roller bearing in the axle sleeve and the help, also simplifies the installation program.

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