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Several erroneous detection of imported bearings of quality

1, through the surface quality of bearing
According to the sales experience, found that many customers that as long as the bearing surface is a good quality and bright, this is wrong. Bearing surface should be the kind of glossy black, glossy black for this reason is the production of bearing steel is used in compliance with its grinding process and the use of cutting fluid,, in which the two previous main.
2, whether the bright chamfer
The quality of bearing chamfer not determine the bearing, but it reflects the processing method of bearing. Chamfering is black, suggesting that after quenching heat treatment, which increases the hardness of the bearing, and some people think bad angle of the black watch is not processed completely, this is misunderstanding.
3, one cage better than the two body, although the new process uses one cage, but it only saves material, while the rotating performance worse than two body.
In general, there is a relationship between the service life of the bearing and the 3 factors, one is the quality of the bearing itself. Two is the use of the environment. Three is the installation method.

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