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New application of self lubricating bearing

1, SF-2 plus boundary lubrication bearing: acidic poly A with aldehyde, has the very high wear-resistance, bearing surface arrangement rules with oil storage pit assembly must be coated with grease, especially for high load low speed rotary motion of the swing motion, and often under the loading, opening and closing and not easy to form fluid lubrication of parts, under the condition of boundary lubrication, can be used for a long time without refueling and maintenance, and in the process gas can make the service life of the bearing can be more extended, currently applies to the metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc..
2, oil-free self-lubricating bearings: the product is made of steel plate as the substrate, the middle layer of sintered bronze spherical powder, a mixture of surface rolling Teflon [ptfe] and lead and made. It has a low coefficient of friction, wear and corrosion resistance. Oil free features of self lubrication and long service life, use it can reduce costs, reduce noise, prevent sticking, sliding. Sliding parts which are widely used in various machinery such as printing machine, textile machine, hydraulic truck, tobacco machines, pharmaceutical machinery, fitness equipment, micro motor, automobile, motorcycle etc..
3, metal inlaid type solid self lubricating bearing is lubricated bearings: novel both a metal bearing characteristics and self lubricating bearing characteristics, composed of a metal base load, special solid lubricant formulations for lubrication. It has the advantages of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, self lubrication ability.
Oil bearing 4, traditional: because of the low noise, the advantages of self lubrication, oil bearing has become the new darling of the computer CPU fan bearing, large market demand; in addition, as more and more high request to the noise, the application of oil bearing in the daily household appliances are also expanding.

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