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NSK Bearings Installation Notes

NSK Bearings Installation Notes

NSK bearings are installed properly, use a direct impact on the accuracy of the bearing, the life and performance. Therefore, the design and installation of the bearing assembly department to adequately studied, in accordance with the operating standards. Operating standards projects typically as follows:

1. Clean NSK bearings and related components
2. Check the size and precision of related parts
3. Install
4. After checking the bearing installation
5. fill lubricant
I hope in the installation, and then open the bearing package. When the general grease lubrication, no cleaning bearings, grease filled directly. When oil lubrication, generally do not have to clean, but the instrument used or high-speed bearings, etc., use clean oil cleaning, removing rust coating on the bearing agent. Remove the bearing rust inhibitor, rust, it can not be left unattended.

Furthermore, a grease-enclosed bearing has not cleaned directly.

Bearing installation method, because the bearing structure, with the condition varies, due to the general multi-axis rotation, so the inner need interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearings, the use of press push, or hot charging methods. Cone of the occasion, directly fixed on the tapered shaft, or an adapter sleeve installation.

When installing the bearing, the use of a clearance fit, while the outer ring interference, usually pushed by the press, or shrink after cooling installation method. With dry ice as coolant, shrink installation situations, moisture in the air condenses on the bearing surface. So antirust measures need to be taken.

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